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Primal Health Coaching


Taking its cues from the way our ancestors lived, the Primal Lifestyle embraces a standard for living that’s more in line with our basic biology.  The Primal Lifestyle embodies a sensible, balanced, “enjoy life” perspective that often gets overlooked with traditional regimented diet and fitness programs.  


Primal Health Coaching teaches the basics of the Primal Lifestyle.

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As a certified Primal Health Coach, my goal is to help you get the most joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment from your life by focusing on scientifically validated ancestral health principles.  


We'll take an integrated approach, from what you'll eat to how you'll move, with emphasis on transitioning your life so that you get restful sleep, manage stress, and nurture relationships.


I follow the Primal Lifestyle myself!  Here are some of the main tenets:   

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