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What is Your Heart's Desire?

What are your dreams? What is meaningful to you at the deepest levels of your heart and soul? What is driving your motivation to change now?

At the outset of the coaching process, a crucial aspect supporting change occurs when your coach helps you paint a beautiful and compelling picture of what the future can bring. Through artful questioning and reflecting, your coach engages and guides you to get really clear on who you really believe yourself to be and what you really want in your life.

You may feel thrilled, inspired, and maybe even a little scared as you create this detailed vision of your future, but crafted as if the future is now, your "I am..." statements increase the likelihood of your success!

Being mindful of the "why" you want this vision - and the strengths and resources you bring to the table - can truly make the difference in the many moments every day when you're tempted by options that don't support the future you desire!

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